How SPK manages its assets

Asset management set-up

SPK has chosen to outsource a large part of the practical asset management to external providers. This asset management set-up gives us certain advantages:

  • Competence: We can hire the best asset managers within each area globally.
  • Flexibility: If one of the managers does not live up to expectations or if we change our strategy, we can change managers without any direct consequences for SPK.
  • Cost efficiency: Negotiating skills, economies of scale and flexibility lead to lower costs over time compared to building up internal asset management capabilities.

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Our asset managers

SPK make use of both Swedish and international asset managers. As a general rule, these managers are specialists within their respective area of competence and they play different roles in our portfolio.

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Good and stable returns

SPK seeks to achieve a stable and good return over time to a moderate level of risk.

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